Golf Rival Features

Golf Rival has rolled out their new update in the February 2020 which have some significant changes in the game. Today we will look into the golf rival features that are available in this new February game update.

If you are an old player, then you must have prior knowledge before you restart the game. For new players, this post can be an additional guide to know the vital aspects.

Power Property of Special Balls

balls property

If you are unaware of the Special ball features, then you can get that in our guide to a Special ball article.

All these Special balls had an earlier feature of Debuff. Debuff is an attribute that creates hindrances against some other features.

In the new patch, the Debuff is changed, and that is replaced with the power of Special Balls.

The new Power attribute will reduce the Debuff and increase the ability according to the levels and updates of our club and ball.

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The power of your shot will affect when you use higher-level balls. Your power of club will increase by 1% for level1 Special balls.

For Level 2 and three balls, the club power will enhance 4% and 6% extra.

Lucky Rewards

lucky rewards

The rewarding system is redesigned, and the new Lucky Reward is added in the recent update. In the regular matches, Arena, Tournament, or kingdom match, after you finish a game, you will get a pop-up window of this reward, and you can get that if you watch a commercial video.

  • The rewards are excellent and merely different in a different mode.
  • For regular stage and Kingdom mode, you will get coins, gems, or Special balls as this gift.
  • You will get a chance to rechallenge the hole in Tournament mode as a lucky reward.
  • Similarly, in Arena, also you get another chance of challenging your opponent.

However, not every match will give you these rewards. It would be best if you play a lot of games to receive more of these Lucky Pop ups. And finally, you can also use as the last option to earn lots of free coins legally.

Ball Attributes

ball atributes

After the latest update, you can check your Special ball attributes with a click on the top of the screen checkbox. The ball attributes will show you three numbers that will be the designated value of attributes.

The first value is the jump or stops attribute. It ranges from -3 to +3, showing stop and jump ability, respectively.

The second value is the demarcation of your power. The value ranges from 0 to 3. The higher value denotes an additional Power.

The last value shows the advantage or disadvantages of wind. The value range is also from -3 to +3. Negative value denotes a higher wind resistance, and a positive value is advantageous in windward.

Different balls have a different value of these three attributes, and accordingly, you can change your ball.

Final Words

Through these three changes in the Golf Rival latest update, the game has become more understandable.

Many players get away from the game due to its mechanism and concur with a lot of loss.

Through this guide, we tried to simplify the game and make an understanding of these features to everyone. For more updates, play the Golf rival from Android and iOS stores.

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