Toon Blast Tips and Tricks

Do you like to play puzzle games? If yes, then you should try to play Toon Blast, which is a mobile game and available free in android and iOS devices. There are lots of toon blast tips and tricks available and we will discuss them today.

Toon Blast is an absolutely simple game, but the competition in the game is great and huge.

There in the game, so many missions are available, and these missions need to be completed to progress the game.

Developer has added so many great boosters that will help the players to match the colors and earning points.

In the higher levels, players will face tough things, and completing those missions is fun also.

You can follow the tips that I write, and with the help of these tips, you can easily rank up and reach a higher level of the game.

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Millions of players from worldwide play Toon Blast and they all have their own strategy and skills that will support them to win. Most of them are derived from as it is one of the best portal to learn it.

Toon Blast Ultimate Tips and Tricks to Pass Levels

Start Matching From the Bottom Side

While playing the game, you will see so many colors, and these all are available in multiple amounts.

In order to win the points and match the same color priority that you need to do is start from the bottom side of the level.

On the bottom side, you will find so many different colors of cubes, and you have to start matching from that side of the game.

It is because on that side, you will be less confused, and every cube will be moved if you successfully match one part of the cube.

Use Boosters to Make a Perfect Cube

Matching is what all you have to do in Toon Blast, and if you are in any kind of trouble, then you need to use the boosters.

It makes things easier and a lot more interesting for the players. Every time you match one cube, you will see that other cubes are also moving from their place, and at that time, you need to use a booster.

If you want to end a particular row that creating problems, then with the help of the booster, you can easily finish that entire row in one shot.

Every player uses boosters, and they collect it as well. If you are low on boosters, then you should complete the missions and collect amazing boosters.

Make a Great Strategy

Yes, it is important for every player who plays the Toon Blast. Without the strategy, it will be very tough or impossible for you to complete the missions or any other competitive battle with any kind of opponent.

In order to make a strategy, the first thing that you need to do is watch every side of the cube, and after putting the focus on the cube, then you need to see that which one match cube you need to do first.

You cannot use booster every time because these boosters are available in a limited amount. That is why making the strategy is always helpful in Toon Blast.

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